Maiden in the Forest

Maiden in the Forest, Oil on canvas, 2016

Oh... maiden of the forest, fair..

the golden light

shines off you hair,

and as that light shines


down upon the grass,

the darkness ever waiting....

lurks behind the glass.

Oh.. Maiden of the forest, proud,

the sounds so soft,

seems times

so loud,

the voice, a murmur,

through the wind,

it brings the darkened....

light to sing.

For in the darkness,

hides the light,

and light is bright

if darkness doesn't

cast it's murky shroud

then light, itself...

could not shine proud.

Within the and deep..

what could, what would

the Master keep

what has he hidden

does He know

that makes the light,

still shine so bright

For once was one,

this dark and light,

and in His plan,

no need to hide....

In the midst of dark and light

Stands One who guides a plan,

And from His peaceful, gentle glance...

the forest rises, takes a stance...

it makes the forest,

proud and strong..

and shows the Maiden...

right...from wrong....

Oh...Maiden of the Forest, Kind

Your light that shines,

makes nations find,

to search and seek,

and understand,

to hear and know,

To take His hand.…

- Francois Scheepers


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