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Lorna embraced art as an adult, enrolling in her first art class at age 29 & completed her Visual Communication art education at the Open Window Art Institute, Pretoria, South Africa.

Lorna's art is deeply personal often reflecting her emotions and memories and interwoven with more idyllic and imagined elements of the environment.

She draws inspiration from her experience of living in between countries and continents, exploring ideas of socialization and one’s sense of belonging. Color and pattern informs her practice and visually recollects memories of time and place.

Her work reflects the fragility of nature and the human spirit and the delicate coexistence and interdependence of both.

She has a number of works in public collections in South Africa and private collections in South Africa, Angola, Britain, Netherlands, Ireland, Germany, Italy and the USA.

Lorna recently returned to South Africa after living in the USA for several years. She continues her practice at her home studio in Somerset West where she lives and works. 

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