My creativity begins with an appreciation of nature and for the beauty in the everyday, often reflecting my emotions and memories and interwoven with more idyllic and imagined elements of the environment. 

I draw inspiration from my experience of living in between countries and continents, exploring ideas of socialization and one’s sense of belonging. 


My art is always deeply personal and recollects memories of time and place. Images of birds or plants often stand in for the Self, but they have no singular meaning. I believe that to assume that, is as assuming that every person experience the world in the same way.  


In order to produce works of integrity, I paint from an emotional point of reference. I am very aware of utilizing imagery I have a connection to. My art is not obviously personal, not obviously feminist, not obviously environmental, but in a way, it is all of those...

I am always trying to evolve and try not to feel tethered to a particular subject or style, but rather let my work organically grow alongside me to reflect my personal experiences.


So many artist and tutors have been impressionable upon me along my journey as an artist and my list of painterly influences includes Odilon Redon, Joseph Stella, Gustav Klimt, Franz Marc and David Hockney to name but a few.


My desire is to produce beautiful works that people will enjoy and be proud to have hanging on their walls.