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The process


2020 Oil in canvas 30" x 40" x1.75"

I was listening to a podcast of a very successful artist explaining why he prefers to work from a photo or pre-drawn sketch when he paints. He said it allows him to focus on the painting and not worry about the details since it is already planned out. Contrary to him, I seldom know what the end result of a painting would look like and never sketch it out in its entirety, but rather enjoy the process to see where it takes me.

Almost always and without fail, I reach to my roots of living in Africa ... the flora and fauna, the birds and the beautiful pattern and fabrics that is so part of the continent.

Scrolling through my phone, I discovered a photos taken while visiting South Africa. A reminder of a special moment in time spend with my loved ones.

Come forth into the light of things

2020 Oil in canvas 30" x 40" x1.75"


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