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The process


2020 Oil in canvas 30" x 40" x1.75"

I recently tuned into a podcast featuring a highly successful artist who shared his preference for working from a photo or a pre-drawn sketch. According to him, this approach allows him to concentrate on the act of painting without the burden of intricate planning.

In contrast, my artistic journey rarely involves envisioning the final outcome. I seldom sketch the entirety of a painting, choosing instead to revel in the unfolding process and embrace the spontaneity it offers.

Without fail, my creative path consistently leads me back to the roots of my African heritage—the vibrant flora and fauna, the enchanting birds, and the intricate patterns and fabrics that define the continent's essence.

While scrolling through my phone, I stumbled upon photos from a visit to South Africa, serving as poignant reminders of special moments spent with my loved ones. These glimpses in time often become the unexpected muses for my art.

Come forth into the light of things

2020 Oil in canvas 30" x 40" x1.75"


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