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Faith by William

9 December 2021 In a time when I was at a crossroad in my life, a dove flew into my house and made himself at home. It happened on the day that Prince William and Kate got married, so I named him William.

Because he was messy and decided my orchids was a delicious treat, I would shoo him into the laundry room at night. First thing in the morning, I would open the door and he would fly into the kitchen and would pace the counter while I made my coffee. Before I left for work he would fly outside and wait for me on my car, as if he was seeing me off.

He spent the days outside with the other birds and only entered the house when somebody was home.

He followed me everywhere.... sat on my laptop screen while I worked and flew down the passage to my studio to sit on top of my canvas while I paint. At times he would fly right up and perch himself on my head.

Nobody could explain his odd behavior.

My father believed he was spiritual blessing and told me that he longed for such an experience.

Over time I came to believe the same. That he was some sort of guardian angel to comfort me during a difficult time in my life.

I lost my father in 2019 and it would have been his birthday today. I miss him dearly, but I do believe that he now lives the experience he so longed for.

Happy birthday Dad!


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