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The Mountain

Updated: Feb 11

A mountain.... in the midst of times great void, of what is right, and righteousness, stands in the deep...dark.... shadow of the fear that rules from deep within the soul...

From this appeared a bird... A messenger in flight, A holy emblem as was once before, surrounded by the gentle Spirit, sent to bring a blessing, and anoint a blessed maiden,


so sweet and precious in His eyes

to bring a full creation that

with might....

will rest upon her head,

and thus her spirit's

soft creative timber,

with salvation be restored.....

as new

- Francois Scheepers

Faith by William Oil on canvas 2015 18" x 23.75" x .75"

My very first painting done in the USA.

Before leaving South Africa, a dove moved into my house and stayed there for three months, following me wherever I went. I named him William. I would like to believe he was more than just a dove..

#love #faith #mystory #newbeginnings #art #poetry #William #dove #peace #tablemountain #SouthAfrica #Newartist

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Lorna Scheepers

Yorkville, IL

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