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Faith by William

9 December 2021 During a pivotal moment in my life, a dove gracefully entered my house, finding comfort amidst the uncertainties. Serendipitously, it was on the day of Prince William and Kate's wedding, leading me to affectionately name him William.

Despite his penchant for mischief, particularly indulging in my orchids, our routine became endearing. Nights in the laundry room, mornings pacing the kitchen counter while I brewed coffee, and a symbolic farewell on my car before I left for work—William became an unexpected companion.

He spent his days outdoors with fellow birds, reserving his presence in the house for moments when someone was home. Unexplainably, he developed an extraordinary bond with me—perching on my laptop, hovering near my studio canvas, and occasionally alighting on my head.

Though his behavior puzzled others, my father saw it differently. He considered William a spiritual blessing, a comforting presence during challenging times.

Over time, I, too, embraced the notion of William as a guardian angel, offering solace in moments of difficulty. Today, on what would have been my father's birthday, I find solace in the belief that he now experiences the profound connection he yearned for.

Happy birthday, Dad! I miss you dearly, but I'm comforted by the thought of you finding the serenity you sought.


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