Faith by William

'Faith by William'

Oil on canvas 2015 18" x 23.75" x .75"

Update: December 9, 2020

In a time when I was at a crossroad in my life, a dove flew in my window and made himself at home in my house. It happened on the day that William and Kate got married, so I named him William.

Because he pooped everywhere and decided my orchids was a delicious treat, I would shoo him into the laundry at night. In the morning I opened the door and he flew right in and made himself at home on my kitchen counter while I made my coffee. Before I left for work he would fly outside and sit on my car to say his goodbye.

He spent the days outside with the other birds and would return home when there was somebody home.

He followed me everywhere.... sat on the screen of my laptop while I worked and flew down the passage to my studio to sit on my canvas while I paint. When I returned from work he would fly right up and made himself at home on my head.

He was a phenomenon and nobody could explain his odd behavior.

My father believed he was spiritual and that he was a blessing...told me that he longed for such an experience.

Over time I came to believe the same. That he was a guardian angel of some sort to comfort me during a difficult time in my life.

It would have been my father's birthday today. I lost him last year and miss him dearly, but I do believe that he now lives the experience he so longed for.

Happy birthday Dad!


A mountain.... in the midst of times great void, of what is right, and righteousness, stands in the deep...dark.... shadow of the fear that rules from deep within the soul...

From this appeared a bird... A messenger in flight, A holy emblem as was once before, surrounded by the gentle Spirit, sent to bring a blessing, and anoint a blessed maiden,


so sweet and precious in His eyes

to bring a full creation that

with might....

will rest upon her head,

and thus her spirit's

soft creative timber,

with salvation be restored.....

as new

- The Mountain, Francois Scheepers


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