• Lorna Scheepers

More is More

Updated: May 6

We live in a consumer culture and shopping has become a crucial ritual for shaping our identities.

We encounter advertising in almost every aspect of our daily lives and it has always played a vital role in how we shop.

The psychology of advertising includes many different elements , but one of the major factors is the consumer’s perception of the advertised product. Perception in advertising relates to a consumer's impression of a particular product or service that may not be rooted in truth. 

It is often said that perception is reality. When an advertisement informs or alters a consumer’s opinion even slightly, the brand is altering that consumer’s perception of reality. Unlike a product's true characteristics,  the perception of a product can be impressionable and more ephemeral.

Advertising becomes a tool for companies to influence the consumer’s perception to the desired direction.

With these paintings I wish to explore the various aspects of advertising and how it hijacks our values, emotions and identities to the point that we follow it blindly, not realizing that even our values and identities is a construct of marketing.

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Lorna Scheepers

Yorkville, IL

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