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More than two decades post the inaugural democratic election in South Africa, a disconcerting reality persists: over half of the population still grapples with living below the national poverty line, while the majority of the nation's wealth remains concentrated in the hands of a select elite. This economic inequality, coupled with a widening wealth gap, is further exacerbated by a growing socio-economic class divide, transcending traditional markers of race or ethnicity.

In a society marred by pervasive poverty and unemployment, the government is often perceived as the overarching caregiver by those in need. While socio-economic rights are acknowledged, their incomplete realization fosters a sense of unmet expectations, fueling discontent and cultivating a culture of dependency.

With "Disparity," I aim to address this complex issue through symbolic representation. Executed on two canvases, the artwork visually encapsulates the stark division between the affluent and the marginalized, the haves and the have-nots. This piece speaks not only to the socio-economic inequality within South Africa but also resonates with similar global disparities stemming from factors such as politics, wealth distribution, geographical location, and access to education.


Oil on canvas

Diptych. Each canvas: 31" x 25" x 1.75", Combined: 62" x 25" x 1.75"



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